Marcos is currently a Managing Director at Cambridge Associates, an institutional investment firm. Marcos has worked in the firms’ Arlington, Boston and London offices for over 10 years.

He works mainly with endowments and foundations in the US and Europe and has expertise in constructing customized alternative investment portfolios including hedge funds and venture capital.

Marcos is also leading the firm’s research in the crypto/blockchain space since January 2018. In the past, he initiated and led the firm’s work on activist investing.

“Investing in cryptoassets remains controversial, and we are extremely selective and cautious in this space. However, the attitude of many institutional investors in this space is not dissimilar to that of venture capital investors in early internet companies in the 1990s. Early stage venture investing implies that the vast majority of companies and projects in this space could, and probably will fail.”

To learn more about Cambridge Associates' thoughts on the space, you can read their piece: "Cryptoassets: Venture into the Unknown".